Smovey Vibroswing

Your health is in your hands!

smovey® – Are two rings weighing 500 grams each. They are in a class of their own. They combine fitness, health and weight loss in one. With smovey® you will feel better. smovey® stands for SWING, MOVE and SMILE.

Smovey® – for fitness, therapy and health. All in one sport equipment.

Parkinson’s Disease led to the development of smovey®.

The smovey rings have been developed by Johann Salzwimmer, a tennis instructor from Austria. He fell ill with Parkinson’s disease and experienced how the illness advanced more and more. He started fighting his illness and after long meticulously work he invented the smovey® rings. He regained his quality of life. Read more!

The secret of the smovey rings

smovey® gives more energy and well-being. smovey rings can create a frequency up to 60 hertz. This frequency occurs in our human body often and equals the rythm pattern of humans.

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